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Simple Wisdoms

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

This is a simple truth and wisdom which i hope i can practice in my life. My mom has been gargantuan in this respect. Her character has been a beacon of light that has shone through the enveloping darkness brought on by my dad and brudders. Truly and surely, i have never heard her spoken negatively of anyone, gossiped or used swear words even when she was stressed. Kudos to mommy!!!

Evolved Erin and Shan

Evolved Eryn

Besides a love for elephants and chocolatey sweeties, i also have a soft spot for my absolutely adorable nephews and nieces. Eryn is just one lovely example of one of my all time favourite nieces! I was making a joke with her on an adjective to describe her name. This is our dialogue.

ME: “Eryn do you think Fantastic Eryn is a good description for you?”

ERYN: “No! It has to start with E!”

ME: “How about Evil Eryn?” *wink *wink

ERYN: “No, No, No! It should be Evolved Eryn!”

Welcome to the Pokemon craze. My aunt also mixes up her grand-daughter’s name of Avie with Eevee.

Charlie Bears Trumpette

Elephants Are My Totem

I have loved elephants from a young tender age. They are highly intelligent, kind and do not have a weight limit when heftier humans wish to take a ride. If you would like to be my friend, please present me with an elephantine gift, like the picture above (Trumpette by Charlie Bears) and we can amble through the Sumatran jungles together looking out for bananas and peanuts!


The Royal Wedding

The Kohfusion team would like to welcome JuJu Koh to the Koh Clan. The royal wedding of Prince Jie and Baroness Julia was solemnised at Toa Payoh Methodist Church on the morning of 30 Apr 16. This was followed by a gala lunch on 1 May 16 at W Hotel Sentosa where many foreign dignitaries and VVIPs were invited. May all blessings be upon this destined nuptial. We wish many princelings and princesses will spring forth to take the Koh Clan into its golden era!

Istana Fun

Ode to our Founding Father

Mr Lee had passed on in the wee hours on 23 Mar 2015. It was his funeral last Sunday. He was the People’s Man, our Hokage. fearless, determined, passionate, dedicated, decisive and intellectually brilliant.

He was the man whose priorities were “Country, Country, Country,” unwaveringly, 24/7. Mr Lee made our little red dot, a world class financial centre to be reckoned with.

We, the founders of Koh Fusion, will keep the embers from your brilliant torch burning. In the hope that more phoenixes will rise from the ashes to take our country to even greater heights and aspirations.

Mr Lee, you will be sorely missed. You have literally left a hole in the hearts of your people. Us, the Red Lions, you have worked tirelessly and unselfishly for.

And yet, we know that you are now rejoined with Mrs Lee. Happily basking in the green pastures amongst the cool alpine air. Rowing down the clear and calm waters as you gaze arm around her shoulder at the sunset.

We hope to run the marathon well  and look forward to the day that you will give us a pat on the back for a job well done. Never give up, till the fight is done.

Till All are One.